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Sealog Logistics has been serving as a leading company in the logistics industry with its customer-oriented approach and innovative solutions since 2017. Designed to meet transportation and logistics needs on a global scale, Sealog has adopted the principle of adding value to its customers by turning the challenges in the sector into opportunities.

Sealog Logistics has maintained its leadership in the industry since 2017 and continues to provide reliable, fast and solution-oriented logistics services to its customers. With our advanced technology, experienced team and global network, Sealog is here to provide solutions to your every need in transportation and logistics. We invite you to join the Sealog family and strengthen your logistics processes.

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Sea ​​transport

Sealog offers its customers a wide network and reliable logistics infrastructure not only in sea and air transportation, but also in land transportation. We are a pioneer in reliability and on-time delivery in road transportation.

The main services we provide regarding Maritime Transportation are as follows;

  • FCL & LCL (Complete & Partial) container transportation,
  • Special container (Reefer, Open Top, Flat Rack, Tank) transportation,
  • Door to door container transportation,
  • Train-Ship and TIR-Ship combined transportation services,
  • Container storage and transportation services,
  • RO-RO Transportation – Heavy Load Machinery, Construction Equipment transportation.
Sea ​​transport
Air Transportation

Air Transportation

When time is critical, you can get fast and reliable solutions with Sealog's air cargo services. Our air cargo operations are optimized to meet your urgent delivery needs.

Our company offers the following services within the scope of Airport Transportation;

  • Delivery from airport to airport,
  • Delivery from airport to door,
  • Door to airport delivery,
  • Door to door delivery,

Land Transportation

On the path we set out to deliver satisfaction and quality to our customers, we aim to offer the best logistics experience with the type and quality of service we provide in road transportation and the transportation options we offer.

  • Partial truck transportation
  • Complete truck transportation
  • Express truck transportation
  • Refrigerated truck transportation
  • Intermodal container transportation
  • Minivan transport
  • Out of gauge transportation
  • Hanging textile transport
  • Dangerous goods (ADR) transportation

In order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers on time and as desired, we offer customized logistics solutions as well as different transportation services. Various products, including automotive spare parts, machinery and parts, dry food, raw materials, packaging materials, textile products, fragile products, furniture, live plants, liquid food, fresh vegetables and fruits, hazardous materials, scrap, mines, medical materials, medical products. We make a difference in road transportation by offering value-added services such as a reliable infrastructure, technological solutions and strong customer relationship management, primarily considering the characteristics and safety of the loads in transportation.

Land Transportation
Railway Transportation

Railway Transportation

It provides all transportation and logistics services required for international railway transportation. International rail transport is in high demand regardless of the market situation. The universal possibilities of rail transport are an important opportunity to obtain stable and impressive market data. Trains have a higher load carrying capacity and fast and safe shipment is achieved by rail transportation.

It organizes advantageous rail transportation for customers both outside and across Europe. Our expert team analyzes the customer's needs before shipment and develops the most suitable transportation routes in Europe, CIS, Baltic, Balkan and Central Asian countries, taking into account the characteristics of the products. Timely and complete delivery of cargo, regardless of transportation distance, is a priority for AsstrA. Our company cooperates effectively with international shipping companies, thus offering our customers both flexible pricing and a high level of service.

Project Transportation

We offer tailored solutions to our customers' needs with our expert staff and strong agency network in the field of project transportation. By planning the transportation of heavy tonnage and high volume loads with our professional team in line with the needs of our customers, we provide fast, reliable and advantageous transportation services to the desired point.
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We aim to be the solution partner of our customers in project transportation. We provide the following services, observing high quality standards and customer satisfaction:

  • Refinery and fuel processing facilities transportation,
  • Factory, power plant and pipeline transportation,
  • Steam and gas turbine transportation,
  • Heavy and out-of-gauge load transportation,
  • Turnkey project solutions and management...
Project Transportation
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